The Search… .

Someone seeking what we all seek… . ..a life of adventure, freedom, excitement, and passion…one of happiness and less suffering.
..So ….. I began to search early.

Leaving New Zealand in my mid-late teens I traveled from cold spaces to find warm places..deserts, golden beaches, humid Asian lands and distant tropical islands. I began discovering more than just places and faces. Yes, life was about crazy spontaneous adventures, week long parties and breathtaking moments in nature…but it was also about deeper pleasures, life’s truths and it’s reflections, about inner understandings, acceptance, and the trust to surrender.

For those that know the Nomadic lifestyle it can be a lonely one, but as a reward we gain inner resilience and self awareness. It’s through this loneliness that we find our aloneness… . . .and although it may sound cliche, we all know that it is  here where we take our biggest journey.

Travel, family visits, projects, film, festivals, music, oceanic adventures, off the grid alternative living, the arts of natural healing, the Yogic mind and the hearts of warriors…all weaving in and out and through my path for over twenty years.

Through this tapestry that now forms my life, filled with stories of adventure, play and discovery I now breathe and still the gypsy within.  Returning to an old home in the southern gulf of Thailand I finally have stopped long enough to write and share some experiences, insights, laugher and growth.

So as I continue to explore the planet and expose my thoughts and understandings, I welcome you to join me here and share the journey, the adventures, the places, faces and insights they have brought me so far.


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